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The ten best cars for a mid-life crisis

11 August 2014

It happens to the very best of us. The expanding waistline, receding hairline, and then suddenly the realisation of our own mortality... Your mid-life crisis is upon you. Coined in 1965, a mid-life crisis is very much a real phenomenon, and if you are going to suffer from this debilitating condition, you may as well embrace it by buying a fast car.

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The ten best motoring events of 2014

10 September 2014

We may be nearing the halfway point of 2014 but there’s still plenty of motoring fun to be had. The summer in particular is packed full of exciting events, with the UK’s racetracks and field venues ready to welcome cars, owners, drivers and enthusiasts from across the world. Whether you’re into superfast Formula One action, a bit of two-wheeled Moto GP or something altogether more classic, the year’s motoring calendar has you covered. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best events…

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How to reduce your car insurance premiums

30 June 2014

Considering the hefty cost of a standard car insurance policy, it’s of little surprise to see Brits attempting to chop the price of their annual cover down to size.

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Ten driving pet peeves certain to make your blood boil

15 October 2014

Britain’s roads are a funny old place to be. Driving can be a liberating, exhilarating and downright fun activity, but it sometimes ends up feeling more like a chore. In fact, a recent study from the Institute of Advanced Motorists found that a third of drivers simply do not enjoy getting behind the wheel any more.

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We were selling our newish, low mileage family hatch as we no longer need two cars. Using SellCar was far less time consuming and stressful than selling through local dealers or classified ads. The company representatives we dealt with were pleasant, straightforward and efficient. Payment was secure and very prompt. All in all, a positive experience.

John Healey - London - CITROEN C4 VTR

The experience was good overall. The rep was punctual, efficient, and explained the process well. I was happy that funds were credited to my account immediately after inspection. Not having to traipse to a dealership was also an advantage. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to sell their vehicle who doesn't like hassle.

Thomas Cheyne - Shropshire - SKODA OCTAVIA LAURIN

Excellent fair service, exactly as it says on the tin, guide price given, discussed over phone, I gave an honest appraisal of the car,. Andy came out to inspect, called to confirm and was just polite, professional and fair I felt, so we agreed the price, just reducing it for one of the tyres. I would highly recommend this company, mention to Jodie as well for keeping in touch throughout.

Louise Hall - Kilham - LAND ROVER R ROVER EVOQUE HSE DYN TD 2016

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