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Fast, simple, easy and honest is how we buy cars at SellCar. Were confident you’ll find exactly the same thing when you sell yours to us. We accept Cadillac’s in all conditions from vintage to new models in any state. You’ll find us friendly, helpful and wanting to make sure you get the best price possible.
Enter your vehicle’s registration number into the box above and you’ll be take through a swift, step-by-step process to tell us every detail you can about your Cadillac. Once that’s complete we’ll provide you with an online quote for your vehicle based on the details provided which, if you’re happy with it, we can arrange a pick-up.

Collecting your Cadillac is simple and easy too. Whether you’re at work or at home wherever and whenever is most convenient to you we’ll be there to pick the vehicle up.

A brief history:
Cadillac were established in 1902 during the golden era of automobiles in Detroit. They pioneered the world’s first electrically starting engine and the integration of computers into their vehicles which had never previously been done. They were also the first manufacturer to offer buyers a different colour other than black!
Once a price has been agreed online for your Cadillac through our quoting system we’ll then arrange to collect the vehicle from you. It’s very important that you make sure every detail you provide us is accurate so that we’re already aware of everything. Once the money is actually in your personal account only then will we want to drive the vehicle away.

It’s easy, fast and each of our members of staff sign a 10 point code of ethics statement so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible price from the most honest and reliable car buyers.
Enter your Cadallac’s registration number in the box above to get started now!
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An example of honest discussion between the two of us. A very pleasant rep. Charlie was exactly what I learned to expect from your customers reports, unfortunately we are to far apart monetarily to take this further. Cheers. Gordon.

Gordon Hale - Bristol - CADILLAC BLS LUXURY 175 AUTO 2010

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