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We believe two things are important in selling your car; speed and price. At SellCar we offer a fantastic price for your Jeep and promise a speedy process. Our whole service is about helping you avoid the hassle of selling while getting a price that reflects the value of your vehicle.

When you are ready to start simply enter your details into the registration box above. We have kept the process simple for you so it’s easy to enter your vehicle and person details. Once we have received them we will make an evaluation on your Jeep and get back to you with an offer.

After considering and accepting our offer we arrange the collection of your Jeep around you. We will get in contact and find out when suits you and arrange collection for that time.

A brief history:
Jeep is an American brand of automobile and subsidiary of Fiat. Jeep specialise in off-road and sport utility vehicles. They first started producing vehicles in 1941 for the armed forces and by 1945 they made their first civilian model.

How the name ‘Jeep’ was coined is a matter of contention as various theories are proposed. All we know is they are a great vehicle with a loving fan base.

We focus the selling and buying experience around you. Our staff sign a 10 point code of ethics statement to maintain our focus on your needs and getting you a great price for Jeep.

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  1. Enter your registration and complete your vehicle details
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On the whole a very easy and pleasant transaction. Good communication from start to finish; a very professional company.

Anthony Penney - Northamtonshire - JEEP PATRIOT LIMITED

Thanks for a fast and smooth transaction and immediate payment. Top marks! All the best Derek Millward

Derek Millward - Walsall - JEEP COMMANDER

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