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Quick, easy and simple is how you’re going to find selling your Lexus to us. So don’t stop! Keep going! No matter what the model, how old it is or what condition the vehicle is in or how many miles you have on the clock we’ll have it. Unlike other car buyers, we’re trustworthy and flexible. The core of everything we do is you, the customer. We want you to have a great selling experience, so avoid privately selling, sell to us and enjoy the great customer service you’re going to get.

Just enter your registration number into the box above and follow the instructions. When it comes to providing details about your vehicle, remember to be as detailed as you possibly can be so that we can give you an accurate quote. Once you’re done, we’ll give you the online valuation based on the information provided and if you like what you see, it’s onto the collection!

Collecting the vehicle is completely problem free! At home, at work or anywhere else in the UK we can come and collect your car from you at whatever time is most suitable for you. We won’t drive away with your vehicle until the cash is in your account.

Again, it’s all very easy. You can be at home, at work or wherever you are we’ll be happy to come and collect your vehicle from you (as long as it’s in the UK!). What time is also completely up to you – whenever you like and we won’t drive away with your vehicle until you’ve confirmed the cash is in you bank account.

A brief history:
Kicking off with their first model the LS 400 in 1989 Lexus took the luxury vehicle market by storm. BMW, Mercedes Benz and other European manufacturers saw sales decline with Lexus’ grand entrance into the market following incredibly detailed market research (including renting houses in the US to observe potential market) and millions of dollars of investment. Today Lexus is still regarded as one of the most luxurious and reliable car manufacturers on the modern market, now with a strong presence in the US as well as the UK.
It’s easy, fast and each of our members of staff sign a 10 point code of ethics statement so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible price from the most honest and reliable car buyers.

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The process step by step:
  1. Enter your registration and complete your vehicle details
  2. Accept our initial offer
  3. We collect your car and give you your cash!
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Darren was very professional throughout the handover and Gary (the driver) was very smart and both are a credit to your company. The payment transaction was instant (thanks Angie!). Kind regards Ian

Ian Williamson - Bristol - LEXUS LS 600H

I wish I'd come to you in the first place instead of wasting a lot of time- and money- trying to sell the car myself! From Arthur in the office to Darren who checked over the car (and various others I spoke to ) everyone was extremely polite, professional, friendly and helpful. Thanks guys.

Tessa McLean - - LEXUS RX400

I was one of those people who were sceptical of selling a car this route but reading the testimonials gave me a lot of confidence, and enough to proceed down this avenue. Pantelis was the representative who came to oversee the process and he was friendly, courteous and genuine. They were punctual, explained everything clearly and I didn't feel under pressure at any point. We agreed a figure in the end, therefore in doing so I was obviously happy with where we negotiated to. I would recommend this route for people who don't want to get messed around selling privately. Neil Armstrong Altrincham, Cheshire

Neil Armsrong - Altrincham - LEXUS RX 450H SE-L CVT

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