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Do you have a Bugatti to sell? Or maybe a Noble, an Ariel Atom, your Caterham perhaps? Have you had your fun now, with your Westfield or your Pagani or your Bristol? Is your Invicta just sat there gathering dust? When was the last time you drove your AC? Maybe your portfolio of Panther, Maybach and Morgan needs updating value-wise? Has your partner kerbed the wheels on the way to Tesco in your Weismann? Does he or she struggle to park your McLaren F1? We bet the Gemballa or Marcos were wild in the snow this winter?!
OK, so you get the message!

Since 2007, SellCar has bought dozens of weird and wonderful, exotic and downright crazy, used cars... fact is, we love them, ALL of them! The more exotic, the more luxurious, the weirder, the more niche market it gets... the more excited we become!

My car is an import and I am struggling to sell it. Can I sell my imported car to you?
In short, absolutely! Be it a parallel import (a car initially supplied by a country within the EU) or a grey import (a car initially supplied by a country from outside the EU), we will buy imported cars. In fact, the more obscure and unusual, the better. We especially like American cars - Ford Mustang, Hummer, Pontiac Firebird, Chevrolet Camaro and the like.

If I sell my car to SellCar how does the process work?
We will make you an offer to sell your car, an offer than includes nationwide collection for no extra charge. In fact, there are no fees at all when selling your car to us. Collection can normally be facilitated within 24 hours of your acceptance of our offer and, on average, upon arrival at your home or work, the process takes about an hour from start to finish. Once we have inspected your car and completed the necessary paperwork, we will transfer full payment from our bank to yours. Only when you have confirmed full receipt of the funds with your bank will we ask you to release your car to us.

Are there any risks attached to selling my car to you?
You can find answers to most of the questions you might have, about SellCar and the buying process, throughout this website. There are no material risks whatsoever. The only area that does hold some risk is the accuracy of your description of the condition of your car….we can only value what we are made aware of!

Your team were professional and polite throughout the transaction but the biggest praise must go to the team on the end of the telephones who kept their word and rang back when they said they would. So many companies make the promise of call back and just don't bother; this is not just confined to the world of car trading. Many thanks to your team.

Anton Hart - Crawley - Ford Mustang

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