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Fast, simple and easy quick cash for your Nissan. Don’t waste your time on selling privately, avoid the aggro and stress but still get a great deal for your car by selling to SellCar! Unlike many of our popular competitors we’re trustworthy and you, our customer, are at the centre of everything we do. We want your experience of Sellcar to be a great one. So no matter what condition your car is in and no matter how many miles it’s done, we’ll buy your vehicle for cash.

Get started by entering your Nissan’s registration number into the box above. We’ll check the vehicle’s details automatically and then all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions to provide as many details as possible about your vehicle. The more details you provide, the more accurate we can be with our quote.
Collecting the vehicle is hassle free too! Whether you’re at work or at home, on your lunch break or in the evening, whenever and wherever is most convenient to you we can arrange to come and collect your car.

A brief history:
Nissan burst onto the car manufacturing scene in 1933 peaking at 20,000 vehicles. Known as Datsun the company made a comeback after the Second World War In the 1950’s and 60’s Nissan successfully expanded into the US market and by 1962 has reached the UK vehicle market. In 1969 Nissan brought out the 240Z which gave Porsche performance at half the price. Nissan today is known for both its well made family saloons to its performance cars popular in the street racing scenes of Japan and GT racing series.
Once you’ve approved the price we give for your Nissan via our website we’ll then move onto arranging a date and time to come and pick up your vehicle. This is completely free of charge and we can pick-up your vehicle from anywhere that’s appropriate to you at a time you’re happy with. At home, on holiday or on lunch at work – whatever works for you, we can come and collect. Additionally we won’t drive away until the cash is in your account.

It’s easy, fast and remember that each of our members of staff sign a 10 point code of ethics statement so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible price from the most honest and reliable car buyers.

Enter your Nissan’s registration number in the box above to get started now!

The process step by step:

  1. Enter your registration and complete your vehicle details
  2. Accept our initial offer
  3. We collect your car and give you your cash!

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Extremely friendly and helpful service, from initial phone call to collection service. No surprise that the collection price was lower than the offer price, but you can negotiate a bit. Over all, a pleasant experience and I'll gladly use the service again.

Edward Crawshaw - Wirral - NISSAN QASHQAI 360

Andy was a pleasant guy and never pushed the issue. I will deal with you again in the future as it was a far superior experience than I received from one of your competitors, Many thanks

David Tonks - BURY - NISSAN QASHQAI TEKNA DCI 2014 5 door

A very easy stress free transaction and in my opinion a quick way to sellyour car. Richard and his colleagues were really polite and friendly to deal with. After a thorough inspection of my car the offer which was initially provided was reduced significantly which was due to lack of service history on the vehicle. I was honest about the slight damage to the vehicle on the initial enquiry and apart from that there was no other issues. Had my service history been up to scratch I'm sure I would have been given the fill amount originally offered. Sellers beware, have your paperwork in order. Overall, still a pleasant transaction with decent people.

Patricia Willis - MANCHESTER - NISSAN QASHQAI 1.5 dCi [110] N-Tec 5dr

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