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No matter what condition your Subaru is in, no matter what the age, we can give you a great price for your car! Avoid the hassle of privately selling and sell to us at SellCar. Your experience of using our services is very important to us; we’re trustworthy, experienced and flexible around you. You’ll find the whole process simple, easy and stress-free.

Just enter your registration into the box to kick things off. You’ll be guided through a step-by-step process that’s simple and easy. We’ll need you to enter as many details as you can about your car. The more accurate you can be the better. With this information we can then be accurate in the quote that we give you for your vehicle. Once the process is complete, you’ll see the price we’ll give you for your vehicle. Providing you’re happy with (which we’re sure you will be!) it’s onto arranging the collection.

Collection is completely free. Wherever you are in the UK and at whatever time suits you best we’ll meet you to exchange your Subaru for your cash. You can be at home, at work or on your lunch break. We won’t drive away with your vehicle until you’re happy the cash is in your account either.

A brief history:
Subaru is a Japanese manufacturer and the 6th largest in the world. Since 1972 Subaru has been producing cars with all-wheel drive and they are widely known for their successes in the World Rally Championships. The name is actually the name for “The Seven Sisters” given by the Japanese – hence the logo! Started in 1915 Subaru were the primary manufacturer of aircraft for Japan in WW2. In the 60’s Nissan acquired a large stake in the company introducing diesel engines. Their reach is worldwide with markets across the world.
It’s easy, fast and remember that each of our members of staff sign a 10 point code of ethics statement so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible price from the most honest and reliable car buyers.

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The process step by step:

  1. Enter your registration and complete your vehicle details
  2. Accept our initial offer
  3. We collect your car and give you your cash!

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The transaction was done with the minimum of delay and the transfer of funds was as fast as promised.

Steven Murgatroyd - Chirk - SUBARU LEGACY RE

Very good communication, an easy way to sell your car, staff very friendly, instant bank transfer in minutes! Thank you very much....!

Lisa Hole - Gwent - SUBARU IMPREZA

Very efficient from start to finish. Really impreseed and would certainly use again.

Scott Leigh - Sheffield - SUBARU IMPREZA GB270

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